Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Merry and Bright

Hey everyone, just wanted to post an update since it's been a while (and Jim's been really busy.) The past few months have been good--just getting into our routine of work (Jim's been working almost this entire time!) and chemo sessions every other week.

Since his last CT scan in September was really good (the cancer has shrunk considerably), Jim got a little reprieve for Thanksgiving so he could enjoy turkey and stuffing with friends. We're hoping that in 2016 Jim can go down to once a month maintenance chemo. He'll get another scan in January, so we'll see how much more progress we've made.

There's still no end in sight, but this chemo has been targeted and focused, so other than some fatigue and taste bud changes, Jim's looking pretty normal and feeling pretty good! (No hair loss--a major plus!)

We're counting our blessings this holiday season and are looking forward to some downtime at the end of the year. There might be a big change happening soon, so stayed tuned for any announcements!

Hope you all have a good holiday season :-)