Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Good news

A couple of weeks ago I had a follow-up CT scan to check the progress of my treatments, and the news was good. Very good. In fact, my doctor was pretty much amazed that they've been so effective so quickly. The tumors had all shrunk considerably...even the primary tumor.

And he gave me permission to indulge in a drink or two each week. Trust me, I really relished the glass of beer that I had a few days later. It was first beer in months.

So things are good indeed. Thank you to all of you who've been checking in, sending words of support, and in some cases, sending me gifts. I appreciate all of it, though no need to send me stuff. Kind words and prayers are more than enough.

More soon!


  1. This is GREAT news! I'm so happy for you Jim. I shall have a drink (probably not beer tho) and toast you this weekend!

  2. Just saw this excellent news! Definitely warrants a bit of celebration.
    - Struffle